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The Amador Ledger Dispatch is the newspaper of record serving Amador County since 1855. Our core set of values include but are not limited to influencing progress in the communities we serve; assisting merchants to sell their wares and services through advertising; to publicize and report on governmental units by informing residents of actions and acts; to publish legal advertising; to boost county morale, identity and self esteem as well as providing a living history to the places, faces and the stories that make Amador County a special place to live. Our mission is to provide the most accurate and up to date coverage of the communities in Amador County in its entirety. This is accomplished through our printed newspapers, the Amador Ledger Dispatch and the Mother Lode Life and Times, as well as utilizing the latest technologies available online through our website ledger-dispatch.com, myachome.com, LocalZ mobile app, Facebook, Instagram and many other online resources. The Amador Ledger Dispatch is published every Friday, while the Mother Lode Life and Times is published every Tuesday. Online efforts are a service that we update and manage daily. Good newspapers reflect what is going on in their communities - great newspapers actively involve themselves with the communities they serve to build a stronger future for all of its citizens.

Contact our advertising department and meet with our professional staff who will let you know the latest offerings of our many products and services. Classified advertising can be placed online or by calling our classified department. We also have a full-service art department to assist in building and marketing your business. As always, thanks for considering the Amador Ledger Dispatch.


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