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Tuesday, 3 Mar 2015
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Beverly Rose Hopper
At the Mar 3 meeting of Mother Lode Rose Society, hear Charlotte Owendyk talk about her experiences with roses along with the other plants in her garden of thirty years. With an acre to play in, she has indulged in her love of plants. At last count there are over 350 roses and they take center stage with many other plants playing supporting roles. Learn what companion plants she favors and why. Like any garden, changes are be made to adapt to the changing environment--the most serious being the drought. The front yard no longer has grass, but instead favors drought tolerant plants as... [Read more]
When:03/03/2015 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Where:Mother Lode Rose Society at Amador Senior Center
Address:229 New York Ranch Road, Jackson, CA
Author:Beverly Rose Hopper
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