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Ralph Vogel
07/31/2014 11:25 AM

The Wood Angels

It’s been one heck of a year for the “Wood Angels,” the folks who give firewood away to those in need, seniors and others. It seems hardly a week went by that one of us wasn’t in the hospital, doctor appointments, medical tests, ambulance rides, automobile accidents, etc. And, to top it all off, much of our equipment began to break down faster than we could repair it.

Amador County residents and businesses came to our rescue. A wonderful article in the Ledger Dispatch brought us much-needed oak trees. Our annual wood raffle brought in much-needed repair monies, and the winner of the cord of oak firewood donated it back to the Angels. Then the “Amador Cruisers,” a local car club, came to our aid with a 4th of July fundraiser that allowed us to purchase a new engine for one of the tired wood splitters and some needed upgrades to a few of the chain saws.

Started about seven years ago by a couple of fellows who had some extra time on their hands and loved doing firewood, the “Wood Angels” haven’t missed a year. Some years have seen us produce and deliver over 35 cords of wood to those in need. Now we are steadily doing more than that, with the help of additional volunteers. One of the founders, Larry Reed, says, “Ya know, it’s hard to get people to help when you tell them they aren’t getting paid, and it’s hard work.”

Even harder is convincing contributors that we really do give firewood away. “Nobody does that.” The folks we supply know we do it. The Wood Angels (Larry Reed, Ralph Vogel, John Dunn, Jay Wright, Jim Mitchel, Jerry Olson, Nancy Fort, Jan Underwood, and, occasionally, Jim McArthy) are always looking for folks that can help a little, whether it’s a check to help with our operating costs (fuel being number one), a couple hours on a weekend cutting or splitting wood, or helping make a delivery or two with a truck.

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