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John Williamson
07/24/2014 1:06 PM
Kids line up to try their hands at basketball. Photo courtesy of John Williamson

The Amador County Recreation Agency held its third annual Youth Sports Fair at Amador High School last Saturday. The Youth Sports Fair is an event where kids can come to try out different sports under the supervision of an experienced coach and/or athlete. The fair is beneficial for the kids because it is an opportunity for them to try out sports without having to commit to signing up for a team, which can be expensive and time-consuming if a child ultimately decides that he or she doesn’t like the sport.

There were 13 different sports to choose from at the fair, including soccer, tennis, golf, baseball, volleyball, track, wrestling, etc. There were a lot of sports at this event that the children 7 to 12 years old hadn’t been able to try out yet.

Track and golf are two popular sports that most kids don’t get an opportunity to be on a team until high school. The fair allows children to get into these sports at a younger age, so, by the time they get to high school, they they may have a leg up on the competition.

ACRA had some amazing coaches out at this event and they cannot thank the coaches enough. They had Junior Giants coaches for baseball, Team Sierra coaches for volleyball, a Mother Lode Youth Soccer League coach for soccer, Argonaut Junior Mustangs for cheer, Amador Junior Buffalos for football, Kaizen instructors for karate, Dominic Atlan, from the junior golf programs at Castle Oaks, and Boston Alley Fitness for gymnastics. ACRA could not have done this event if it weren’t for the amazing help from these coaches and businesses.

Things went very smoothly, as kids had a map of the school and their schedule of the four different sports they had picked, making it easy to get around. ACRA had workers all over the campus helping people find their next sport, plus there were bright pink signs showing people where to go. Everyone found their way around successfully and appeared to have a great time. Jamba Juice showed up to sell drinks and ACRA had water available if the kids didn’t have any. ACRA will host this event again next year, so keep an eye on the website, goacra.org.

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