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Bill Lavallie
06/12/2014 2:54 PM

Nan S. Muzinich

AAC Board Director

Recently, I had the pleasure of reading thank-you notes written to Amador Arts Council from third-graders at Ione Elementary School. The students wrote that they had enjoyed the Matisse Art Project taught by an AAC artist. They all shared how appreciative they were of the learning experience. Each student’s note was charming, demonstrating, yet again, just how important art education is.

The AAC does not stand alone in encouraging, supporting and promoting the Arts in our schools and community. I feel the AAC organization is strongly linked and largely successful because of the continued support of Amador County residents. If it were not for the continued local patronage at our AAC fundraisers; the many hours of volunteer work; local attendance at year-round activities; and yearly memberships, the AAC could not present the amazing community-wide projects, sponsorships, scholarships and activities we currently do.

I extend a big, heartfelt “Thank you.” I believe that together we are instrumental in cultivating a special aspect of our area’s personality — that of an art lovers’ community.

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