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Lynnea Honn
08/07/2014 1:46 PM

This year’s Amador County Fair Rodeo clothed the apparent breaking of a steer’s leg in the flag-waving platitudes of patriotism and religion. Jesus would be appalled at what we do in His name. I have loved the sport of rodeo, the venue of the cowboy, in competition with his/her peers, showing the apex of skills based on historical and current needs in the cattle industry — the industry that feeds us. However, let’s be honest. Rodeo is the epitome of the prey/predator relationship. In that relationship, we need to honor the animals who make this all possible. That poor steer was hustled, barely able to move, out a dark hole of a gate while the clown and announcer attempted to distract the audience with inappropriate humor (“There goes hamburger.”) and sleight-of-hand showmanship. Neither the audience nor the steer was given the respect of honesty and transparency. There was no acknowledgement of an apparent mortal injury. It was covered up with clowning. If that had been a contestant that was injured, is that how it would have been handled? I will not be returning to the Amador County Fair Rodeo, not until the animals are given the same respect as the contestants.

The United States of America, a country in which I feel blessed and grateful to be a citizen, is multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious. All these people enjoy the all-American sport of rodeo. It is their dollars that allow the sport to flourish. I was embarrassed by the separatist attitude of the announcer. Not being a member of any organized religion myself, I was left feeling uncomfortable, not welcomed by a sport I grew up enthusiastically enjoying, the only sport that is actually based upon skills used in everyday life — skills I admire. What has become of the all-inclusive, melting-pot mentality that has defined this great nation? Apparently rodeo has forgotten its multi-heritage roots.

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Jim Barber
08/17/2014 5:25 AM
What are you talking or squawking about? It is a Rodeo not a petting zoo!
A separatist announcer with an attiude? Get a life, a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious one or not but make some sense using multiple brain cells. Stay away or not!
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