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Jerry Budrick
06/06/2014 2:43 PM

By Tracy Dehn

special to the ledger dispatch

The Amador Polar Bears opened their 2014 season last Saturday with a non-conference meet against a contingent of swimmers from Sac Town. Although it won’t count in their league totals, the local kids earned a convincing victory.

The final total combined score was: Polar Bears, 478.50; Sac Town, 340.50.

The scores for the Girls/Women were: Polar Bears, 226; Sac Town, 185.

The scores for the Boys/Men were: Polar Bears, 252.50; Sac Town, 148.50.

In total disqualifications, the Polar Bears had only 26 compared to Sac Town’s 50.

The total number of swimmers who competed was: Polar Bears, 102; Sac Town, 110.

Scratches were almost even, as the Polar Bears had 5 and Sac Town 6.

No records were broken, but the Polar Bears had some strong swimming by both the girls’ and boys’ teams. There were very few disqualifications, which surprised many, given the fact that this year’s crop of swimmers includes many first-year competitors. Despite Sac Town’s statistics coming into the meet and their body count of 110 to the Polar Bears’ 102, the home teams dominated in virtually every stroke. The Polar Bears won almost all relays. There are many kids that are swimming in these age groups for their first time at that age or swimming in a league.

The Polar Bears won many first places and showed admirable teamwork, which really helped to make the first swim meet of the season a memorable one. The team’s lifeguard, Hoss, the Polar Bear, kept a watchful eye for any fish in or out of the water.

The Polar Bears’ next meet is at home tomorrow against the Carmichael Beavers. It’s expected to be another exciting, competitive match-up and the hometown swimmers hope to continue their momentum. The weather forecast predicts temperatures nearing 100 degrees.

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