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06/13/2014 12:17 PM

Amador Water Agency Directors agreed at their Board meeting Thursday to help drought-stricken Jackson Valley with an emergency supply of water.

Jackson Valley Irrigation District (JVID) provides irrigation water to farms and ranches in Jackson Valley, and is the only source of water to dozens of homes, including those in The Oaks Mobile Home Park in Buena Vista. The District is without sufficient water to meet the needs of its water-users this summer, after its post-1914 right to Mokelumne River water was suspended in May due to drought emergency measures taken by the State Water Resources Control Board.

The Water Agency will sell JVID up to 5000 acre-feet of water this summer and fall. JVID has an intake facility at Pardee Reservoir where the water will be diverted and metered. JVID will pay the Water Agency $10.00 per acre-foot and all legal, administrative and engineering costs associated with the water sales.

AWA General Manager Gene Mancebo told Directors that the Amador Water Agency currently has over a year’s water supply stored in PG&E-operated high mountain lakes.

“We have enough water banked for Amador County, even if there was absolutely no rain or snow next winter,” said Mancebo. “We’ll still have over a year’s supply of water if JVID buys 5000 acre-feet – and people in Jackson Valley will be hurting if they don’t get this one-time, emergency assistance.”

JVID General Manager Steven Fredrick thanked the Board, saying that drought has encouraged JVID customers to take drastic conservation measures, and that the supplemental water from AWA will allow some Jackson Valley farmers and ranchers to save their growing season, even this late in the year.

AWA has the right to stop water sales to JVID if the state or PG&E stop delivering water to the Water Agency for any reason. AWA directors approved the water sales contract, 5 – 0.

Also in Amador Water Agency news:

Engineering Supervisor Erik Christeson gave Directors an update on the Gravity Supply Line construction project, noting that the Highway 88–pipeline intersection was completed in only two days and with shorter-than-expected traffic delays. There is now approximately 3000 feet of pipeline in the ground and construction is nearing Tiger Creek Road, which will be closed due construction sometime in mid-June. Alternate public access to the area will be via Salt Springs Road during the closure.

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