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Tessa Marguerite
08/15/2014 8:52 AM
GregMiller graduated from Argonaut High School in 1986

Greg Miller, former Ledger Dispatch employee and Argonaut High School graduate, Class of 1986, is a National Security Correspondent for The Washington Post. He covers U.S. intelligence agencies and issues related to terrorism. Miller was among The Post reporters awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2014 for the paper’s investigation into secret surveillance programs run by the National Security Agency.

When the Pulitzer Prize winners for 2014 were announced, a team of investigative reporters from The Washington Post were among the winners for journalism. Under the specification of Public Service, the team and its members were honored with this prestigious prize for a collection of articles covering the documents leaked by Edward Snowden from the National Security Agency from June through December, 2013.

Executive Editor Martin Baron, in the cover letter nominating The Post, wrote, “The Post dug into the most complicated corners of the Snowden trove, putting a team of reporters with deep technical and legal expertise to work to break story after story. On their own, the NSA documents are enormously difficult to decipher. But The Post did, and then kept going beyond the documents, detailing the workings not only of the NSA but also of the broader intelligence community.”

One of these assiduous reporters was Gregory Miller, son of Amador County School Board Member Pat Miller and his wife, Ruth.

“A trail of inaccuracy about NSA programs” is the title of one of Greg Miller’s articles. It is part of the compilation of stories that won the Pulitzer Prize. Concerning the collection of articles, Greg said, “(It is) by far the biggest story in the National Security realm in a decade, and a controversial issue as well. Despite a lot of frustration and anger that we (The Post) were disclosing the information, we thought, ‘This is journalism to be proud of.’”

Although it is his first Pulitzer Prize, this is not the first time Miller has been nominated. In 2013, he was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize for a series titled, “The Permanent War on U.S. Counterterrorism Operations.”

Greg grew up in West Point and Jackson, and graduated from Argonaut High School in 1986. During high school, where he was voted “best dressed” and “most likely to succeed,” Greg helped restart Argonaut High’s paper, and worked at the Amador Ledger Dispatch, where he covered sports and city government. “Giles Turner was an important person to me,” Greg recalled. “He was working at the Dispatch when they hired me, and gave me a chance.” At that time, Evelyn Prouty was the Editor at the Ledger Dispatch.

Greg recalled riding to work on his skateboard, and working earnestly, late into the night, putting pages together with wax paper and X-Acto knives. “I don’t know if I would have found journalism on my own if I hadn’t had this experience,” Greg owned. “It taught me how to talk to people ... how to carry myself and prepare. These things still count today.”

After furthering his studies at UC Davis and Stanford, Greg accepted an intern position with the Los Angeles Times in Washington D.C. during the summer of 1993. Greg returned to California where he continued working for the LA Times, and in 2001, moved back to Washington D.C., where he currently resides and continues to work for The Washington Post as a National Security Correspondent.

The demands of this position have taken him to countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, Serbia, and Turkey. In 2004, Greg also co-authored a book, with Chris Mackey, called, “The Interrogators: Inside the Secret War Against al Qaeda.”

Greg Miller has undoubtedly fulfilled the 12th grade expectation from Argonaut High School of “most likely to succeed,” and will surely continue to flourish and thrive.

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