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Susan Lukasha
07/17/2014 12:22 PM

I am writing to express my disappointment with the scheduled Pine Grove Dollar General store project.

For many reasons, I feel there needs to be public input on this project. I have strong concerns over the “Negative Declarations” status regarding the approval of the Environmental Impact Report and the ommission of public review originally.

The zoning and EIR were granted over 20 years ago and they need to be revisited.

While concerned community residents and business people seek legal counsel and an injunction to delay the project, I am hoping county officials will see fit to grant this themselves.

There is no reason to bring a box store such as Dollar General to our community, which holds “community concepts” dearly. We don’t want our local retailers to suffer, nor do we look forward to employment layoffs and hours cut when those stores begin to feel the presence of Dollar General. Those employees will not be hired by Dollar General, as they historically only hire 4 to 6 part-time employees and a manager. We don’t need more unemployment in Amador.

Not only would Dollar General be an eyesore in our community, we don’t want the noise or the traffic. We pride ourselves on not having slave labor products, or unfair employment practices, both of which Dollar General has a well-documented history. Jackson already serves as a “shopping destination,” with box stores sufficient to serve the masses. Just how populated do you think Pine Grove is? People here don’t need this.

Our local retailers have been very generous with contributions for local projects. In contrast, Dollar General has stated they only donate to a national literacy program. Let’s not punish our locals’ hard work and generosity

I see this as a county-wide issue, as Dollar General has stated they plan to build several more in our county. Please, give us, the People, the opportunity to have input into the direction of our own communities. And, please, let us do it without litigation.

Susan Lukasha

Pine Grove

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