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Dragon Massage opens office in Jackson Creek Plaza

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Beverly Huston Fisher
06/27/2014 9:07 AM

Amador Ledger Dispatch photo by B. Huston-Fisher

Dragon Massage is now open in the Jackson Creek Plaza Shopping Center, next to Subway. Offering massage therapy from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., every day except Sunday, to work with all schedules. 

Stop in for an hour-long foot massage, specially priced at $19.99, or go for the full treatment, with a 90 minute full-body massage, for only $80. Enjoy the serene and inviting waiting area as you surrender your worries for the day. Certified in Asian Bodywork Therapy, each massage is focused on allowing the energy, or chi, to flow freely through the body. 

Relaxation is just one of the many benefits to massage. Originally called “anatripsis,” by the Greek physician Hippocrates, massage has been used as a form of healing for thousands of years. The first written record appeared in a Chinese book dating from around 2700 B.C. stating, “Early morning stroking with the palm of the hand, after the night’s sleep, when the blood is rested and the tempers relaxed, protects against colds, keeps the organs supple and prevents minor ailments.” Massage helps maintain a healthy nervous system, as well as boosts the immune system while releasing tension and stress.  By using the proper pressure in specific areas, the therapist can help to restore function and flexibility in joints and muscles including vital organs. 

Eunice Ingram, originator of the Ingram method of reflexology in the 1930s, stated, “Circulation is life. Stagnation is death.” Stimulating the endocrine system helps the body purify the blood by increasing circulation and allowing them to efficiently eliminate toxins and impurities properly. Receiving regular massage has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and relieve pain. When the body has a high acid level, calcium deposits can increase, causing crystal deposits to form and settle beneath the skin at the nerve endings. As the deposits form, they clog the circulatory system and slow down the circulation, causing backup in the feet as the blood has to be circulated back up into the body flowing against gravity. 

Reflexology and massage work with the bodies meridians to revitalize and rebalance the entire system. As the body is able to function at a higher level, inflammation lessens, circulation increases and the body is able to recover quicker from everyday stressors and toxins. 

To schedule an appointment at Dragon Massage, call 223-0023. For more information on services, check out the website, at, or drop in for a visit at 535-1 S. Highway 49, in Jackson.

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