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Nora Coryell
07/24/2014 12:25 PM

Every year, thousands of children flee violence and poverty in Central America and attempt to travel across Mexico to the U.S. Last year’s estimates of 25,000 have been doubled this year, with many thousands of the children, and some mothers with infants and toddlers, now detained in holding facilities, unable to adequately meet their needs.

This humanitarian crisis is being addressed by a consortium of churches and other humanitarian groups which are gathering donations for these children and infants. Requested items, including soft toys, puzzles, games and books in Spanish, diapers and packaged children’s socks and underwear, and travel size toiletries, can be dropped off at the Sacramento Central Labor Council, 2840 El Centro Rd,, Suite 111, in Sacramento, or here locally can be given to Nora Coryell, phone 223-3322, to be picked up next Thursday by Michelle Pariset of the newly formed Capital Region Organizing Project. Michelle can be reached at (916) 716-1484.

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