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06/26/2014 8:19 PM

During their regular meeting this week, the Amador County Board of Supervisors approved the recommended budget for 2014/15. According to reports, the budget reflects favorable allocations from the state along with County employee early retirements and a voluntary 36-hour work week. The resulting budget looks to be balanced for the coming year. In other business, the Supervisors held a long discussion regarding concerns on a loss of water flow on the Pinotti property in Sutter Creek. The Pinotti’s claim the loss was caused by activity at the Sutter Gold Mine, while mine representatives say otherwise. The Supervisors voted to hire a hydrologist to study the impacts as noted in the project’s mitigation agreement. Among other issues, the Supervisors also voted to accept the official June 3rd Election Canvass Results, approved a special cat adoption incentive program, and adopted an extension of the County Code allowing additional banners in times of economic decline. The Supervisors also approved a plan for distribution of Mule Creek Expansion Mitigation Funds. The City of Ione will receive $510,000 which they will place in a designated Capital Project Fund, separated from their general funds. The county will receive $125,000 in mitigation funding. Finally, the Supervisors accepted the final 2013/14 Grand Jury Reports and will prepare their response.

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