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Gorgeous laser-cut jewelry designs are edgy, yet feminine

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Carolyn Schmitz
06/30/2014 2:44 PM

"Leaves - Small" is made from birch, with 14k gold hardware, but you can order them in walnut or with silver hardware — you choose.
Photo courtesy to the Amador Ledger Dispatch
A modern, sophisticated, and totally unique woman deserves jewelry that expresses it boldly.  Make a statement with eye-catching designs and innovative style from Joyo.
Joyo is exceptional, laser-cut jewelry made from real walnut and birch woods.  Featuring stunning geometric patterns, each piece is a work of art ­­– uniting the soft natural look of wood with the edgy and on-trend fashion of modern design. Handmade from wood and other quality materials, Joyo cuffs, necklaces, and earrings are unlike any other jewelry out there. They are not only durable, but are also extremely light weight ­– putting them a cut above the rest when it comes to comfort. 
Reminiscent of a crisp autumn day, a scattering of leaves floats across the warm cherry wood of Joyo’s Leaves Cuff.  Available in glowing brushed aluminum or matte black aluminum, this cuff is a must for any trendy woman’s collection, and because it’s lined in ultrasuede, will get her from day to night comfortably.
Inspired by ancient bridge building techniques, Joyo’s Bound Earrings link history and modern design methods to create a beautifully complex and abstract look. Made from laser cut birch wood and featuring 14k gold ear wires, this striking duo won’t irritate or weigh down sensitive ears.
Super style meets Gatsby-like charm in the vintage-gone-modern Metropolis Necklace.  Beautiful as a long layering piece and just as stunning on its own, this necklace leaps over ordinary in a single bound.  The art-deco inspired style comes in birch or walnut wood and is the perfect way to glam up a simple sweater or add a touch of 1920s flare to that little black dress.
Joyo customers can select the type of materials for many of the pieces. The earrings featured above, "Leaves - Small," come in walnut or birch, with gold or silver hardware. The earrings are delicate and feminine with a graceful design. They are light-weight on the ear lobes, so you hardly notice them on; yet they are sturdy enough for an evening of dancing. The wood and gold combination will really dress up your blue jeans or summer sun dress. They are a work of art, so expect others to notice them, comment and maybe even want to touch.
Created in 2012, Joyo was born when founder Jenn Liddiard realized her skills in graphic design and jewelry making could be combined.  After discovering laser technology, Jenn knew she could move beyond gemstone designs to bring her graphic patterns to life as cutting-edge jewelry pieces.  Inspired by museums, architecture, history, and nature, she sees the beauty of intricate patterns in the ordinary things around her, translating them into comfortable, beautiful, and fashionable pieces that any woman can enjoy. Located near Boston, MA, Joyo is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and Jenn designs, laser cuts, sands, and assembles each piece herself.
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