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Rosalie Escmilla
07/03/2014 11:17 AM

Dear Editor:

Maybe you get tired of people writing to express gratitude to the Jackson Rancheria for their contribution to local youth, sports, parks, arts, theatre and other non-profit endeavors, but like my mama once told me, “One can never hear too many ‘thank-you’s.”

And so it is that I have the honor of representing the Amador Tennis Club and the tennis community at large in sending a great big “Thank You” to the Jackson Rancheria, for their help in purchasing new player benches for the Argonaut High tennis courts. The club and players raised a percentage of the needed funds, and with a generous donation from the Rancheria, we were able to purchase eight new benches (the old ones were falling apart and a safety hazard), plus new nets and display boards for both Amador and Argonaut High Schools.

The Argonaut courts in particular serve Amador County youth in ATC’s Junior Team Tennis League (serving children age 7-14), the USTA summer youth tennis program, high school tennis and adult recreational tennis. For that reason, the community tennis players — in particular, the Amador Tennis Club — give back to the school district in the form of capital improvement projects. In the past, we’ve raised funds for resurfacing high school courts, lighting, nets and windscreens.

Without help from such conscientious neighbors like Jackson Rancheria, these things would be much longer in coming — another reminder of what makes Amador County so special.

Rosalie Escamilla

President, Amador Tennis Club

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