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07/26/2014 9:51 PM

Our Board of Supervisors will be talking about Wild N Scenic for the Moke River next Tuesday July 29, at 6:00pm. It's a night meeting so that should help get folks there. I would love to hear any comments on SB1199. I know it's a confusing subject so please if you weigh in on this do your research first. We will be taking action! If you want to learn about it and how it affects you, please come to the meeting.

The reason I felt we needed to bring this to the public again is the first time we did not give the public a chance to weigh in on it. The water agencies were not present and I feel they should have been able to bring their concerns. Really, not to many people know too much about the effects of the State Wild and Scenic, so it will be good to bring it out for public discussion.

My hope is that people concentrate on sb1199 and leave their self interests at home. I think we need to get past the politics in our county and look at the real effects on the people. We need come together, and work together to assure our future is planned, not divide our people just because of a win! Some people are very passionate about this and would choose to either deny it or accept it no matter what. Please let's think of our future!

Today I attended the AMRWA meeting at Pardee. I got up and spoke to the AMRWA board to apologize for the action our BOS took on Wild and Scenic. We did not consider AMRWA, CCWD, Amador Water Agency, Calaveras Public Utilities District, East Bay Mud, and our neighbor Amador county. I feel we could have done a better job at reaching out to all stakeholders, property owners, and the public. Especially on this very important issue.

Let me be clear on something! This is my apology! I do not speak for our board!!

Just a note! As I was speaking, there was a person holding their phone up to make sure I can see it, letting me know I was being recorded. It didn't intimidate me, it infuriated me! This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. This kind of behavoir needs to stop!

To me this is a Historical Bill. This will change the relationship we have with the river forever, and some of the area around it. I believe for something this important, the majority of the people should be behind it. Right now I don't see that! There are issues with the bill according to the water districts and the amendment's will fix that. To date the amendment's have not been considered! Part of that is because Senator Handcock, the Senator that is pushing the bill has been on vacation. But she will have to act fast! The bill will go through the last few steps and it will be law! I tried to contact her but if you not in her district you cant, at least on her website.

Let us see if there is a compromise that can make the Wild and Scenic a truly Historical Bill by breaking down the barriers of whatever is driving people to a frinzy regarding this designation.

The water agencies say there are 4 amendment's that will make it an acceptable bill. Amendment's that would help them to provide our county and Amador county with the water they need in the future.

I would like you to post how you feel about this and why. Please leave the politics out. Real facts bring real solutions!

Cliff Edson

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Katherine Evatt
08/01/2014 10:06 AM
Cliff Edson did not send this to the Ledger Dispatch, per his e-mail to me today. He posted it on Facebook several days ago. Misleading.
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