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Jerry Budrick
06/12/2014 2:33 PM

Annette Navarrete

Rockwall, Texas

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Amador County and Sutter Creek in April of this year. The shrimp volcano dish at Pepita’s was the first of culinary pleasures. That night Griffin’s Steakhouse provided delicious fare. The next day we walked to Jazzercise led by a very enthusiastic instructor and I was pleased to keep up with the regulars. A therapeutic and relaxing massage that I could walk to and from makes Sutter Creek all the more appealing as a community where a car isn’t necessary everywhere you go.

By far the favorite of many highlights was a dinner theater presented by the Amador Arts Council called “Antiques Sideshow.” Encouraged to participate in this fun event, a meal with other friends was enjoyed with the stellar entertainment. I was more than happy to purchase numerous tickets for the fundraiser and was awarded for my purchases when my name was drawn and I received a lovely necklace handmade by a local artist.

The next day, we traveled through the beautiful mountains in one of several rail cars, stopping at historical sites along the way. What a great time of year, with flowers in bloom, and green hills all around.

Saturday evening was “Girls Night Out” in Sutter Creek. As we visited each shop, and made a few purchases along the way, we dropped our names in for a drawing to be held later that evening at the Sutter Hotel. Dining at the Sutter Hotel was fabulous, culminating in one of the great prizes going to my friend whom I was visiting in Sutter Creek.

I’m already looking forward to my next visit — and will certainly book it around the next theater event sponsored by the Amador Arts Council. As a patron of the arts, and the mother of a graduate of Dallas’ Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, I feel art is good for the soul, our children and our community.

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