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Matthew Hedger
07/28/2014 2:51 PM

Residents displaced by the Sand Fire in Amador County may be eligible for reimbursement for additional living expenses caused by mandatory evacuations.

“As fire threatens Amador County, evacuees may incur significant expenses,” said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. “Homeowners should know their insurance policy may cover additional living expenses associated with the mandatory evacuation and should contact their insurer for assistance.”

Many homeowner insurance policies cover additional living expenses during natural disasters. This permits homeowners to maintain their standard of living by covering increased living expenses incurred as a result of damage caused by the fire or mandatory evacuation. This coverage typically includes food and housing costs, furniture rental, relocation and storage, and extra transportation expenses. Policy provisions, including deductibles, vary by company. Check with your insurer regarding any limitations that may apply to your coverage.

Commissioner Jones reminds all Californians to prepare for wildfires today. Learn quick and easy tips to complete a home inventory and learn about the benefits of home hardening. Failure to plan ahead may increase the difficulty in filing a claim and delay the recovery process.

Don’t forget copies of insurance policies, important papers and a photo or video inventory of your possessions. An inventory can be completed quickly and easily on your smart phone and safely stored in the cloud.

The following are quick and easy tips for home hardening that may help protect your home and assist firefighting efforts.

Don’t leave sprinklers running; you may compromise precious water pressure needed by the firefighters. Use this time to duct tape soffit vents to prevent embers from entering your attic.

Remove sheer drapes from windows; they may combust just from indirect radiant heat.

Leave interior and exterior lights on to help firefighters see your home through thick smoke.

Additional tips and information for consumers about what to do before, during, and after a wildfire are available from the California Department of Insurance. Download a free home inventory guide from the department Web site at www.insurance.ca.gov, or receive a hardcopy by calling the California Department of Insurance Consumer Hotline at 800-927-HELP (800-927-4357).

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