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Jenny Price
06/26/2014 2:02 PM

More than 40 kids participated in a four-part exercise program at Amador Athletic’s Kids Fit Summer Program on June 24. Supervised by trainers and gym staff, the kids worked on strength training, archery, tummy tightening and testing their skills in a follow-the-leader obstacle course.

Set up in rotations of 25 minutes, each group worked on specific movements, strength exercises and challenges to promote agility, balance, cardio health and teamwork. Group one, led by trainer Michael Currie, included a series of movements that led kids through a floor ladder, hopscotch course, floor rings, a wood beam for balancing and other activities.

In the second group, kids worked on their consistency in the archery course. While there, they learned how to listen to commands, recognize the importance of safety and hone in on their target skills.

Trainer Pam Stroude led group three through a variety of strength-training exercises, including time on the treadmill, as well as training on how to use some of the resistance machines to improve their strength.

Finishing off group exercises was trainer Dot Bonilla, who taught tummy tightening. Kids were shown exercises that tightened core muscles and improved their overall health. Kids in this group performed sit-ups, high-knees, step-ups with a barbell and other effective core exercises. Classes are designed to alternate weekly, offering a diverse summer program. Lunch can be purchased at the gym for $5.

For a list of upcoming classes, visit, or call Kim, at 267-9116.

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