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08/15/2014 11:39 AM
'Old Number 35" by Randy Klassen
As the year marches on, so does the artwork in Deborah Marlene's. "I belong to the Arts of Bear Valley. We have two back-to-back art shows in the Summer; the current one at the Perry Walther Building during the Bear Valley Music Festival and one at Big Trees State Park beginning on August 11.
For this reason, it is with great pleasure that I welcome the Klassen's of San Andreas to show on all the walls of my Gallery this month.
It is not often that you meet an "Artistic Couple". Randy and Joyce have been married for almost 33 years. Previous articles about them, have told extensively about their sharing their love for God and art. Randy is an ordained minister, who worked 40 years in the Evangelical Covenant Church of America. There was a six-year break during that time and from 1981 to 1987, Randy and Joyce became fully involved in doing art work professionally.
This adventure included art shows and galleries in California, a cultural exchange in China, and a three week experience if sketching and painting in France.
Randy Klassen had the Artistic gift from the start and to nurture his talents, his Father was a well known artist in Canada, specializing in watercolors. His Dad studied with Walter J. Phillips, who, at that time was one of Canada's foremost watercolorists at the Banff School of Fine Art. At the age of 12, these two famous artists included him in a sketching trip to the Canadian Rockies. Most every Artist I know would be quite envious of this fantastic opportunity to dive into art, with your own Dad as a knowledgable teacher, from the start. Since the age of 12, Randy tried many artistic mediums. He used pastel, pen and ink, oil and acrylic, but always returns to his favorite, and one of the most difficult and challenging mediums, watercolor. He has been working on local Historic scenes of Calaveras County. His works appear as "snapshots" of days past here in our County. Randy has painted everything from barns, old trucks, old gas pumps and even a Stamp Mill here in Mokelumne Hill. His talents do not stop there as he can paint people, his home shows wonderful works of his Grandchildren; and animals, who are also featured in several of his works.
Randy's best known piece of art was inspired after a prayer asking God to do a painting that would illustrate the concept of faith. The painting, "To Such Belongs the Kingdom of God", was the result. An edition of 750 litohgraphs was made and sold out in 12 years. A later Giclee edition, in a different size, was produced and now all but two of the 150 are sold.
Joyce Klassen, an artist in her own rights. She handles watercolors beautifully, too. She has also done works in collage, fiber arts, handmade cards, mixed media, pottery and pen and ink Zentangle. Joyce's latest studies have taken her into the world of Encaustic Painting. This is a term to describe working with very high heat and colored beeswax. Encaustic, meaning "to burn in", started 3000 years ago. Since beeswax is impervious to moisture, the outcome is a beautiful, durable and luminous work of art. It will not fade or darken and does not need to be protected by glass.
The Klassens will be working at the gallery on August 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th and 16th. You are invited to come in to Deborah Marlene's at 8242 Main Street in Mokelumne Hill, during that time, to meet this talented couple. Summer hours are 10AM to 3PM. Days open are Thursday through Monday.
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