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Fred Dorman
07/31/2014 12:53 PM
They’re hauling fish in at Lake Pardee. Photo courtesy to the Ledger Dispatch

Lake level at Pardee is currently at 90 percent of capacity and holding. Water temperature is currently 66 degrees at 20 feet and 68 at the surface. Clarity is good to 15 feet-plus.

Bank fishing has slowed down in the Recreation Area, although there were lots of anglers on Tom Sawyer Island and Stoney Point Landing this week. The Woodpile has been the hot spot since midweek, with reports of numerous limits taken there. Power Bait, Chartreuse with sparkles, eggs with garlic and orange mouse tails, along with night crawlers on a sliding sinker or a half-full water bubble all continue to be effective combos thus far for Trout.

Trolling continues to be good. Mixed limits of Trout and Kokanee are still being caught but reports indicate folks have to work harder and longer to get them. Deer Island has been active with the larger Kokanee congregating there. Trollers are getting Kokes at the river ,outh and the area between there and the face of the dam, but the Kokes caught here are of the smaller variety. Fish have remained at the same depths as last report, 60-to-90 foot levels seeking cooler surroundings. Some boaters have also done well tying off in upstream coves and bait fishing for Trout. Trollers are using Hoochies, (green and pink), along with the standard beaded spinners, Uncle Larry’s pinkies and white/pink hoochies all behind a medium dodger are a good bet, all behind medium-size silver and gold dodgers. Apex and Sling Blades are getting the nod as well for Kokes. Those Trout caught lately have been partial to needle fish, primarily reds and tiger patterns.

The warming trends have brought out some nice catfish. Check the coves from Mel’s all the way down to Rattlesnake. Power bait, night crawlers and Vienna sausage are all popular with our whiskered friends.

Lake Pardee Recreation has planted a total of 22,000 pounds of fish for the season so far.

Good luck. Tight lines.

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