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Nora Coryell
07/24/2014 12:50 PM

It was sickening to see the hate-filled faces of enraged bigots as they screamed and threatened little black children trying to enter schools in the south half-a-century ago. I couldn’t help but be reminded of it watching once again on television other hate-filled adults yelling and poking signs at buses of unaccompanied children, and mothers and babies being transported to a detention center that I feel sure they did not want be at in the first place. Is that really the best we can do in the face of this humanitarian crisis, for which we have some historic responsibility by the way? Is it really?

We have once again been diminished as a nation by obnoxious and belligerent bullies picking on innocent children of color, and women with babies. This is not to even mention Obama’s relentless campaign of imprisonment and expulsion resulting in deportations, already approaching two million. But he at least was just “enforcing the law.”

To say there is no racial motivation in this type of incident is absurd. In fact, that attitude is actually part of the problem, because denial of and indifference to racism are a big part of what helps to keep it going, especially in places like this, where practically everybody’s white. So, for all you “illegal immigrant” haters out there, I suggest you take a good long look around you. In an agricultural county with a surplus of elderly people, that actually loses population, and is about to close schools because there aren’t enough children, should that really be such a major concern to you?


Nora Coryell

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Mark Bennett
08/02/2014 3:44 AM
The black people you seem to care about the most are those being thrown out of work because of cheap illegal immigrant labor. The county is losing population because nihilistic environmentalists and no growthers have usurped power here, often through lawsuits and with Wild & Scenic back room deals financed through foundations grants from those that intentionally want to depopulate rural areas.

Mark Bennett, Pine Grove
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