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John Tuttle
07/24/2014 12:42 PM

Tim Stalder

Pine Grove

Most of us who live in Amador County are here because we value its history, climate, rural beauty and small towns.

Today this way of life is greatly at risk as the Dollar General Store Corporation has targeted Amador County to build four of its box stores: the first in Pine Grove, and soon after most likely in Plymouth, Ione, and Jackson. If you are a supporter of small locally owned businesses, and don’t want the county to be known for its cheap box stores and buildings that look like they belong in big city strip malls, rather than in the Gold Country, you should be concerned.

The current challenge is to demand that our County Supervisors and their staff, and other agencies such as Cal Trans, reconsider their approval for a Dollar General Store to be built on the property located at the intersection of Highway 88 and Ridge Road in Pine Grove. If this store is built, there is every reason to believe that many of the small up-country businesses will be closed. The number of employees who will lose their jobs will never be made up by the number of employees that Dollar General will employ, typically 5-8 per store. This scenario will be repeated as the other stores are built.

Amador County is operating on zoning regulations put in place in 1984. Our supervisors know this and yet they have done nothing to update them which has allowed this project to go forward. Add to that the irony that they love to make a point of telling us they are pro-business. What about the current businesses which will be negatively impacted if we allow this store to be built? Did any of them ever consult with these owners? Did they ask for public comment? I don’t believe so. If these stores are allowed to be built, please remember that fact in the upcoming and future elections.

By the time this letter is published we can hope the supervisors at least agreed to reconsider the final approval for this project. If not, wherever you live in Amador County, please support us in overturning the decision to build Dollar General Stores in our county and challenge the overall scope of this project in Pine Grove.

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