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Randy Wiebold
07/24/2014 12:52 PM

The sooner America starts repairing and preparing America’s infrastructure, the less expensive and better that rebuilding will be for America toady and America’s future.

Waiting three more years to rebuild America’s infrastructure will be that much more expensive for the American taxpayer. Waiting three more years not only impedes America economically but progressively as well.

Respectfully, President Obama saved America from another depression, but his is a lame duck president. He’ll be out of office in two-and-a-half years.

Why should America have to suffer three more years just because some right-wing representatives from gerrymandered districts want to make a lame-duck President Obama look bad?

Repairing and preparing America’s infrastructure now will be yet an added economic boon. Good paying jobs for building roads, bridges, improved electrical grids, water and sewer lines and anything else that America will surely need to compete in the 21st century.

America should remain as always a builder, not a destroyer, in the 21st century.

The sooner, for today’s generation and generations to come, the better.

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