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Matthew Hedger
07/05/2014 8:35 AM

Why do two board members use the amadoroe email site? Is this email site funded with tax dollars?

As a former school teacher my observation has been to see the decline of quality schools. I believe the decline is due to consolidation of districts and the union regulation of teachers. Therefore, I have a strong objection to the closure of the Ione Elementary School. A solution in the interest of Amador county would be to return the Ione school district to the citizens of Ione.

Once a large consolidated organization is formed it becomes difficult to avoid wastful spending. Also, local control of teachers and classrooom content is lost. Local schools provide a center of social meeting where parents and the teacher may get to know one another. Local schools also afford other school activity that may be community centered and will aide in bringing the community together. How may buses are required to serve a consolidated district? How many months do the buses stand idle? How much extra fuel is required along with the additional bus exhaust spewed into the atmosphere?

Dale Hofstetter


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