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John Tuttle
07/17/2014 12:11 PM

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check on the weather around Amador County, or view the parades and activities going on in your hometown no matter where you are in the world? Wouldn’t it be helpful to utilize live cameras to watch for fire, or check out the traffic on local roadways?

You can. The Amador Ledger Dispatch partnered with Calicams over a year ago to begin posting live camera feeds in various locations in Amador County, and they are poised to take the next step.

“Aside from the entertainment value,” said Amador Ledger Dispatch Publisher Jack Mitchell, “we viewed the opportunity to bring live feeds — reality television, if you will — to Amador County, as a way to provide useful information to the public. While traffic cameras and fire watch cameras are nothing new, we think we can add these, as well as some items the public may not have considered, to assist our citizens in getting useful information.”

Until recently, placing cameras required wiring and lots of bandwidth for internet connectivity — among other considerations. “Technology has caught up, and we have found a way to post live feeds that require less bandwidth, no wiring and a much simpler install process,” Mitchell said. “We are hopeful to add to our 20-plus live feeds around Amador County to include not only traffic, weather and fire cameras, but also some interesting possibilities in serving the public.”

While a bit cryptic on the subject, Mitchell did say he was committed to bringing shots of the downtown areas of every city in Amador County. Also under consideration are live feeds for events. “We’re hopeful to have a camera at the Amador County Fair,” said Mitchell. “And we are looking at bringing the public viewing options for various activities they are interested in. I am hopeful that in the not too distant future, that if you can’t make it to your church service, for example, we could have a live feed of the service and include ways to donate back to your church, as well as display their calendar of upcoming activities.”

“Similarly, if you have a child in Little League, and can’t make it to a game,” said Mitchell. “We now could broadcast that game, so that friends and family could watch the event wherever they are, online. Or say you want to view a city council meeting, an Amador County Board of Supervisors meeting or an Amador Water Agency meeting, but can’t make it to their location. Again, we’d be able to broadcast that meeting so that you could attend online, with a list of contacts to give feedback to your elected representative.”

For now, the cameras continue to grow, with all of our cameras providing live feeds to both ledger-dispatch.com and myachome.com. “We are actively pursuing locations and assistance to help us in growing our services,” Mitchell added. “If you are interested in a location to assist us in connecting Amador County with our very large online audience, we’d love to hear from you.”

To visit the live camera feeds, go to www.ledger-dispatch.com, click multimedia and choose live cams. Or, visit www.myachome.com and click on the header “LIVE CAM.”

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