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John Williamson
07/24/2014 1:03 PM
First, second and third place winners of the ACRA Home Run Derby were, from left, Mark Lundgren, Artie Tressler and Seth Seever. Photo courtesy of John Williamson

The Amador County Recreation Agency hosted a Home Run Derby at Pioneer Park last Wednesday. ACRA runs a Men’s Softball League every Monday and Wednesday night during the summer and they figured to put on a Home Run Derby at the same time as Major League Baseball’s All-Star Home Run Derby. There were two games that night, followed by the derby. Twenty contestants signed up for the event — eight of them twice, to try to hit more home runs in their second go-around than they did the first time up. The entry fee was $20. The winner of the event took home a $200 Visa gift card and two Oakland A’s tickets. Second place got $50 and third place got $25. Plus, the second and third-place finishers won a pair of buy-one, get-one-free coupons for Oakland A’s tickets. Also, anyone who hit a home run over any of the sponsors’ signs scattered across the outfield received $5 back right away.

Everyone who came up smashed home runs well over the fence. The overall winner on the night, with five home runs out of 10 total pitches thrown, was Mark Lundgren. It came down to a swing-off for second and third place, as three players each hit four home runs. Artie Tressler ended up in second place and Seth Seever got third.

An added enticement for the batters was a sign over the left field fence, donated by one of the Daltons. Anyone who hit the sign on a home run could win an extra $500. Batters signed up multiple times and aimed for that sign all night. The ball almost hit the sign a few times, but never did. ACRA expects to have that sign back for a second Home Run Derby, to be held at the end of August, during playoffs of ACRA’s Men’s Softball League.

ACRA would like to thank DJ Gavin Myers, who was declared “awesome” on the microphone the entire event, cracking jokes and describing the action. ACRA would also like to thank all of the sponsors for the event; Party Smart, Pearson’s Tree Service, Kamps Propane, Supervisor Novelli, Lynch’s Automotive, Sierra Baptist Church, Goin’ Postal, Meek’s, Sierra Yard Supply & Equipment, All Sierra Roof and Amador Air District.

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