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Miller to Retire from ACUSD

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Tessa Marguerite
07/31/2014 12:11 PM

Last year, the 2013-14 Amador County Civil Grand Jury received several complaints of alleged violations of Amador County Unified School District Board of Trustees’ procedures and conduct. The Grand Jury investigated the allegations, and recently submitted its findings in a final report to the ACUSD. The school board now has until September 22 to respond to those findings.

Superintendent Dick Glock suggested forming an ad hoc committee of former board members, current board members and/or school administrators to respond in a formal report. Due to the anticipated extra expense, board member Pat Miller was opposed to setting up an ad hoc committee. “I do not think that we should be writing this report,” said Board Clerk Mary Walser. “We should have an ad hoc committee. I don’t think it would cost us too much money.”

Board members Rose Oneto and Gwendolyn Christeson were in agreement with Walser.

“Keep it as small as possible,” advised Board President Wally Upper, “two to three people, to be nominated by Superintendent Glock and approved by the board.”

Glock is to make a list of possible committee members and bring it to the attention of the board. No motion was necessary for this action.

Following this decision, there were two public comments made to the board. The first person commented that Glock should have been directed to write the report responding to the Grand Jury in a truthful assessment of the situation. In so doing, he could make recommendations, or even reprimands, without fear of retribution from the board.

The individual who made the second public comment, however, was of the opinion that, since the Governing Board is involved with the allegations, an ad hoc committee would be the best option. The next meeting, on August 6, will likely see developments of a proposed ad hoc committee, along with Glock’s list of nominees.

At the Amador and Calaveras Unified School District Board meeting last week, ACUSD School Board Member Pat Miller announced that, for personal reasons, he will not be running in the next school board election. Miller is a retired teacher and has been a board member for 12 years. He said he will continue on the board until his term ends in December.    

During the meeting, Superintendent Glock made the following report: “After listening for 18 months, I think it is time for me to make some recommendations. Leave Ione as is for now. There is too much uncertainty about the timing of population growth. The Ione community made a significant concession when the District unified in 1982.

“With the possibility of status quo in Ione, perhaps the next question for study is: ‘What is the decision point at which consolidation becomes essential and what will be the factors to drive the decision?’”

Glock remarked that this ongoing discussion of adjusting the “K-12 Educational Delivery System” is like arguing with a windmill. Rather than continuing the discussion, Glock advised the board to leave it as is and focus on when consolidation might be appropriate in the future, as well as the variables that would drive that decision.

During public comments, Pat Holland asked about whether Glock’s report included the high schools’ reconfiguration. Glock explained that he specifically left the high schools out of his report, and added, “I make suggestions, these people (the board) make decisions.”

Amador County Unified School District 7-11 District Advisory Committee Chairperson Noele Richmond approached the board to report on the committee’s recent meetings and discussions about the K-12 facilities. She said the committee has developed a letter requesting information from all Amador County city and county planning offices. The committee is seeking information about all proposed developments in Amador County, including building permits issued or requested, number of proposed developments, mitigation of infrastructure and any other information that could impact population or student population in Amador County.

Following Glock’s report on the non-closure of Ione schools, Richmond said there will now be a re-direction of the committee. “We want to insure what’s best for our students,” she concluded.

The possible direction of the 7-11 Committee to consider a bond issue for K-12 facility planning was listed under the ACUSD Discussion/Action Items. Board member Gwendolyn Christeson moved to accept the proposal, and direct the 7-11 Committee to include a bond issue and consider one new high school, rather than utilizing the current facilities. The motion passed, 4-1, with President Upper opposed.

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Mark Markham
08/02/2014 8:09 PM
Mr. Upper and Mr. Glock are a big part of the problem at ACUSD and now they're the ones choosing Mr. Miller's replacement! It is rather apparent from the GJ report, letters to the Ledger Dispatch and even the ACUSD web site that these men have violated the Brown Act and continue to do so. Mr. Upper has violated the open meeting clause at a minimum and Mr. Glock, in his role as Secretary to the Board has been illegally hiding Board minutes that put Mr. Upper in a bad light.
It's these two "gentlemen" that need to leave the ACUSD and NOT Mr. Miller.
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