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07/10/2014 12:11 PM

Sutter Creek discusses outdoor dining, honors Scouts

Outdoor dining in downtown and the larger issues of what to allow on city sidewalks continue to vex the Sutter Creek City Council. At their meeting Monday night, the council once again took up discussion of a proposed ordinance to regulate outdoor dining on Main Street. The council has held lengthy discussions on the issue at several previous meetings, and Monday’s meeting was no different as the council discussed numerous aspects of the proposed law, including whether or not to allow alcohol sales, requirements for barriers to separate diners from the sidewalk and requirements that the businesses offering dining have liability insurance. Discussion of the dining ordinance fed into a larger discussion on what the city should allow on the sidewalk on Main Street in general. Current city regulations don’t allow anything in the public right-of-way, but the city doesn’t enforce them. The item was continued and the city now plans to hold a workshop on the issue. Also during the meeting, the adoption of new city building codes was continued for additional work, and the council honored two Sutter Creek residents who have recently received the Boy Scout rank of Eagle Scout: Mason Hall and Corey Hasson.

Red-legged frog to be state’s official amphibian

Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation this week that recognizes the star of Mark Twain’s 1865 short story, “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” Dr. Kerry Kriger with the Berkeley-based nonprofit “Save the Frogs” said the move will ensure California students learn more about the red-legged frog’s important place in the ecology, culture and history of California.

“Amphibians have traditionally been neglected in education, so this will bring the plight of the red-legged frogs directly to tens of thousands of California students,” explained Kriger.

Once abundant during the Gold Rush, the species now faces dozens of natural and manmade threats, including the introduction of invasive species and habitat loss. The red-legged frog is considered a threatened species under the federal Endangered Species Act, but Kriger says the new state designation will go even further in helping the species recover. “It’ll make it more difficult for people to harm the California red-legged frog because Californians will be more prone to protect the species and care about the species since it is our official state amphibian,” he said.The new law goes into effect at the beginning of 2015, and will elevate the frog as a state symbol alongside the grizzly bear, desert tortoise and golden poppy. The red-legged frog is the largest native frog in the western United States and is found almost exclusively in California.

Upcountry libraries closed

Library staff announced that as of Tuesday, July 8, the Pine Grove and Pioneer branches were closed due to staffing changes. A library spokesperson said recent retirement forced the closures until a vacant position is filled. The book drops will remain open and Upcountry patrons should continue using them. For additional questions contact the main branch of the Amador County Library, in Jackson, at 223-6400.

New life for Sutter gold mine

Sutter Gold’s Lincoln mine could have a new major shareholder as part of a debt restructuring for the troubled Sutter Creek area project. The move, if successful, could have the mine operating by the end of this year. It is dependent on financing, which could take two months. Sutter, Tyhee Gold Corp. and RMB Australia Holdings Ltd. have agreed to a re-capitalization of the company pending certain conditions. At the end of this complex deal, which could take two months to close, RMB will have 90 million of Tyhee shares and be owed $15 million by Sutter. Sutter would have $17 million in capital to restart the mine, and Tyhee will own 72 percent of Sutter shares. Once the money is in place, it should take four months to begin operating the mine. After running into technical difficulties with the Lincoln Mine in March, Sutter Gold Mining also ran out of capital to continue mining operations, and the company suspended active mining. The mine currently holds all the necessary permits and approvals to begin active mining. Both Tyhee and Sutter Gold are based in Vancouver, B.C.

Grass-fed beef marketing opportunity for local ranchers

The Amador County fairgrounds is now a collection point for local beef. Foothill ranchers can drop one to eight cattle from Tuesday to Thursday at the fairgrounds in Plymouth for pre-arranged transport to the newly opened Marin Sun Farms slaughterhouse in Petaluma. USDA regulations for processing grass fed cows have long kept small producers from being able to bring their product to market. Ranchers who may be interested can contact Troy Bowers at the Amador County Fairgrounds for more information.

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