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06/27/2014 11:57 AM

The City of Plymouth adopted a budget for the upcoming fiscal year at it’s meeting Thursday night.The City of Plymouth will run a small deficit this year, spending $580,000 from its general fund, $27,000 more than projected revenues. The City Administrator is the City's biggest cost at $200,000. The City will spend $80,000 on Planning Services, $72,000 on Streets and $57,000 on Parks and Recreation. The City contracts with the County Sheriff for police service, which it pays for with a $100,000 annual State grant. The City's Sewer and Water funds each raise and spend about $600,000 this year. The Council also voted to reduce the sewer fees that the Amador County Fairgrounds pays to the City. The new rate, which will be about 40% what the Fairgrounds pays now, was adjusted based on calculations by the Fair Board and the City's sewer management consultant. The City Council also heard an update on the City's management of the Arroyo Ditch, which has required several repairs this year. The Council also had a public hearing on planning the City's 4th of July festivities, including a Parade, Bar-B-Q and fireworks sales.

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