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Priceless art collection changes hands Museum-quality items are offered on display and for sale

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Carolyn Schmitz
06/06/2014 11:00 AM

By B. Huston-Fisher


Americana history is available to view and purchase at 1 Main Street, in Jackson. Wolf and Linda Hein are helping a dear friend in need as they sell an entire estate of national treasures. 

Meander in to view an intricate Native American Osage beaded vest, circa 1900, detailed naval oil paintings by well known artists, along with historical national documents.  Admire the beautiful Chippendale tall boy or the inspiring painting of JFK. The collection includes upwards of 100 oil paintings, ranging in price from $1,000 to $50,000 each, all dated from the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Bill Burger, a collector and dealer for more than 60 years, retired to Amador County in the 1980s, after selling art throughout California, including San Francisco and Monterey. Burger had collected an enormous cache of American history, especially focused on Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and anything presidential. Burger has letters and documentation for every president, from Washington to Bush, including an extensive Reagan collection, valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Burger continued to sell and deal from his home until last year, before being moved to a nursing home. The Heins are working in cooperation with a his estate lawyer, per Burger’s request, to inventory and separate the collection, and offer it for sale to individual buyers as well as national institutes. Wolf noted that “it took 12 truck loads to move the items, and it will take years to sell it all.” 

The gallery continues to add new Americana items regularly, so there is a constant turnover of products. The Heins also have a road trip to the East Coast planned to auction a selection of very special items. Some of the artifacts and artwork are designated for the Smithsonian. 

The location is open Friday through Sunday, from 12 to 4:30 p.m. For more information, contact Wolf Hein, at Hein and Co. Books, 223-9076.

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