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Carolyn Schmitz
07/27/2014 12:43 PM
Photo courtesy to the Amador Ledger Dispatch

In an ongoing effort to bring awareness and education to our community about child abuse prevention, our focus for Child Abuse Prevention Month, in April, was on the Period of Purple Crying — a frustrating period of increased crying all infants experience in the first few months of life. Our aim was to bring attention to and educate parents and the community about this sensitive time, and to the dangers of reacting in frustration with a baby’s crying, such as shaking or harming them in some other way.

We invited knitters and crocheters throughout the county to create purple caps and blankets for newborn babies of Amador County. Yarn and information about the Period of Purple Crying were delivered to locations in all parts of the county.

Thank Thank you to all of the knitters and crocheters of Amador County who participated in our outreach efforts. We have received hundreds of caps and blankets that will now be distributed to parents of newborns, in partnership with Sutter Amador Hospital and the Amador County Health Department’s home visiting program. And while Child Abuse Prevention month is once a year, we are gladly accepting hats and blankets all year long.

Along with the caps, families will receive a DVD and materials to help parents and caretakers of babies understand what is normal, what to expect when babies cry and how to keep babies safe. Infant crying increases in newborns at about two weeks, peaking at two to three months, and usually declines by five months. However, some babies cry as long as five hours a day, while others cry less than 20 minutes a day. This is normal. This early crying time is what we now call the Period of Purple Crying. The materials shared take a positive approach encouraging parents and caregivers to improve their relationship with their baby, while bringing awareness of normal infant development, specifically, about crying in infants.

As a community member, how can you help? Touch bases with new parents so that they have someone to talk to, or to care for their child so they can take a short break. Reassure them that they are not doing anything wrong in not being able to stop their baby from crying. Share this information with others, especially anyone caring for an infant. This group includes grandparents, neighbors, boyfriends, relatives and temporary caregivers.

We would like to thank the many businesses and organizations that displayed information about the Period of Purple Crying, and coordinated the collecting of the hats and blankets:

Little City Studio, in Amador City, the Camanche Lake Community Center, Clark’s Corner Café, in Ione, The Hole Affair and Sierra Wind, in Jackson, The Sewing Cottage, in Martell, Joy’s Yarn Shop and the Upcountry Community Center, in Pine Grove, Possibili-Teas, in Pioneer, Plymouth City Hall, the River Pines Store, the Sutter Creek Gallery and The Country Store, in Volcano are among the many active supporters of our mission.

The Amador Child Abuse Prevention Council believes that every child deserves to live a healthy and safe life, free from violence. Child Abuse Prevention Month encourages all members of our community to play an active role in recognizing and preventing all forms of child abuse and neglect.

The goals of the council are to make our community members aware of what child abuse is, how to recognize it, how to report it, and what resources are available in our county to support families and children.

Child abuse and neglect are preventable when all community members, including parents, families, care providers, neighbors, school staff and governmental agencies work together. It is our job as adults to keep children safe. For more information about any of these activities, or to learn more about the council, contact us, at 223-5921, or email us, at You can also find us at

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Tami Tran
07/31/2014 12:04 PM
This is a great event and hope that it'll spread. The baby picture got me at a glance.
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