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Tessa Marguerite
08/14/2014 11:50 AM
Author: David Scott

"The Ego's Echo" and "The Longest Distance"

Willem de Liefde is the author of, “The Ego's Echo” for those who are willing to dig deeper and look beyond what is resting on the surface. This new literary work is an invitation to go on a continuing journey into the future, driven by care and commitment. It all started as a meeting of souls from Africa and Europe in an attempt to find common ground. Willem wanted to help family, friends and colleagues find themselves at the crossroads of their lives or careers.

This book represents a breakthrough in the quest for individual and collective fulfillment. “The Ego's Echo” leads readers to the realization that our success lies in working together in harmony to become a driven organization.

"If we are able to understand and align the interaction between our conscious and subconscious mind, the power released is unimaginable," says de Liefde. "It's like an erupting volcano of positive energy; creative energy, logic and feelings of joy and harmony." In his book, De Liefde also comments on how when an individual can break past these mental barriers, they can create a better life for themselves, and everyone around them.

While on the road to self discovery, pick up a David Scott’s “The Longest Distance.” Having lived all over the world, David Scott has a cross-cultural perspective on human nature. Scott believes we all have a greater version of ourselves waiting to come out. The author’s journey to discover the power within himself came from meditation and the study of various teachings. Now Scott is on a new journey; a journey to awaken others to what lies within. His new book, “The Longest Distance,” does just that.

Scott comments, “When we are ready to let go, that is when the magic happens. Miracles are not really miracles at all — Just the power of the possible that resides within, coming through. The miracle is our awakening to it.” This powerful book covers topics such as discovering your true purpose in order to live the life you were born to live, how to overcome obstacles by letting the heart lead and self-discovery in order to bringing greater value to one’s life. Find these fascinating reads that take a deeper look at “self” at, and other bookstores.

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