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Jeffrey Spiva
07/17/2014 11:44 AM

Home Town of River Pines

River Pines

On Thursday, June 26, ACES Waste Services, Inc. delivered two 40-yard dumpsters to our Town Hall parking lot that started a week-long service of a cleanup effort for River Pines. After those two were filled so quickly, they replaced them with two more empty dumpsters on Friday for the weekend. The town took full advantage of these dumpsters, stacking everything that was brought in, making sure not to bring in any hazardous materials or unacceptable refuse.

After a little bit of confusion, and making a few calls on Monday morning, ACES President Paul Molinelli Sr, ensured the delivery of the two final dumpsters on June 30, which were picked up early Thursday morning.

Also, on June 28, All Green Electronics Recycling helped host an E-Waste Event by coming out from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. During the course of the day, All Green collected over 110 items, with the combined weight of over 4,600 pounds.

This effort was put forth by the members of the community, and, combined with the efforts of a few county officials, this week not only served as a “River Pines Clean Up.” That week seemed to pull the community closer together, despite the hassles from one director of the River Pines Public Utility District. Without any involvement from the River Pines Revitalization Association, which was constructed to bring River Pines back to life, it was evident that if River Pines gets the help we sorely need, we will have to work together, pooling our efforts and getting it done.

We do want to extend a deeply sincere thanks to Brian Oneto, District 5 Supervisor, Jim McHargue, Amador County Solid Waste Program Manager, Rich from ACES and to Paul Molinelli Sr, ACES President. These men help navigate the project to make sure that it happened and to make sure River Pines got the help it needed.

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