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Tessa Marguerite
08/22/2014 9:45 AM
The Sheriff, Brad Loffswold, stands triumphantly over Will Scarlet, played by John Svec. Amador Ledger Dispatch photo by Tessa Marguerite

*Correction: In Friday's print edition of the Amador Ledger Dispatch, the name of the actor playing King John was incorrect. The actor who is currently playing King John in VTC's Robin Hood is Josh Lewis.

By Carolyn Schmitz & Tessa Marguerite

Volcano Theatre Company’s summer hit, “Robin Hood,” is an energetic romp through Sherwood Forest, replete with daring sword fights, a power-monger sheriff and a fair, yet able, maiden. On his directorial debut, Joe Svec delivered all the charm and sincerity the public has come to expect from Robin Hood, who robs from the King’s men all the excessive taxes taken from the poor. Both Joe Svec and co-director Beth Barnard acted in the show, as characters Riccon Hazel and Queen Eleanor, adding to the overall brilliance of the entire cast.

On opening night last Friday, August 15, the house was packed as Alex Sharpe, Robin Hood, and Kristy Kendrick, Maid Marian, confidently led the cast, of more than 20 actors, with poise and humor. John Svec, Will Scarlet, elicited much laughter from the audience, as well as displaying skilled swordplay. Children and adults alike could not help but be thoroughly amused by Rolf Hein’s interpretation of the Bishop, and charmed by Robert Ashton’s performance of Little John.

While the cast experienced a few startling setbacks of illness and injury before the show, opening night revealed little of these difficulties. Josh Lewis*, King John, joined the cast only days before the opening of the show, yet exhibited a sincere understanding of his character and overall action. Lewis played well opposite the Sheriff, played by Brad Loffswold, both upholding a nasty and ruthless demeanor.

Robin Hood is brimming with fun and entertainment for all ages from start to finish. You will not want to miss this exciting experience of legend, comedy, romance and adventure. Robin Hood runs through September 13 at the Volcano Amphitheatre on Friday and Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $16, $14 for seniors over 62 or $11 for children under 18. Tickets are available online at, at Hein & Co. Books on Main Street in Jackson or at the door.

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Kathleen Rich
09/09/2014 1:08 AM
Tessa, Thank you for the beautifully written review of Robin Hood. It is exciting to see a review that gives the play Robin Hood, such a clear picture. I love your review. It is helpful and what people want. Sincerely, Kathleen Rich
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