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Randy Wiebold
07/03/2014 11:48 AM

Who financed Osama Bin Laden, from the bombings in Kenya to 9/11? Where were most of the 9/11 terrorists from? Who is suporting ISIS and ISIL today? Saudi Arabia, that’s who.

Why don’t the intelligence services and the Pentagon’s military advisors recognize Saudi Arabia’s involvement? Because without the revenues collected by the United States government that is generated by the use of oil, those intelligence services and the military might have to get real jobs promoting life over death.

Of course, that’s just a true patriot’s opinion after witnessing the actions of the intelligence services and the military from Vietnam and Iraq right through to today.

Happy Independence Day, 2014.

Randy Wiebold


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Bindar Dunit
07/05/2014 2:45 PM
Every patriot must also ask, how did WTC Building 7 come down when no plane struck it?
why do the Wiebolds of US continue to ignore this phenomena?
Yes I too am a patriot and as one, I demand a comprehensive investigation--- which would no doubt surprise my fellow Americans with the discovery of the real participants & their role in the sordid whole affair.
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