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Steve Cannon
06/20/2014 10:48 AM

On Friday, June 6 we had the wonderful experience of putting on another Sober Grad party at the Gold Country Lanes bowling facility in Sutter Hill. Once again, owner John Swift was very generous in allowing us exclusive access to the bowling alley, the lounge area and the entire parking lot, so that the high school students of Amador County could come to a safe event and have fun until 3 a.m. on Saturday morning. There were lots of activities and all the food and soft drinks that the kids could choke down. We had a D.J. playing music for dancing and a karaoke jockey for the kids to sing along with a vast array of songs. Many local businesses contributed to the event and the night concluded with a high school graduate winning a car, generously donated by the Jackson Rancheria. It was a great event and the kids all had a lot of fun.

But I have to say that, after a number of years of participating in Sober Grad, we need to remind the parents of the younger students that this event only happens if parents step up and help us with the myriad of jobs that always seem to be done by a small number of people. If junior high school parents and parents of freshmen, sophomores and juniors don’t get involved, then the event risks falling apart due to burn-out of the people that have worked their tails off to make it happen. Our committee this year did a fantastic job of getting all the things done that had to be done.

By the time Saturday afternoon rolls along, we’re exhausted and wondering how we can make it easier next year. One way is to have more folks involved. So, if you like the idea of your kids having a safe place to spend graduation night, please watch for a call for volunteers. It’s a lot of fun to see the kids having a good time and you’ll feel good about yourself and your contribution to the county.

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