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Ron Watson
08/07/2014 1:50 PM

You liberal folks need to have a staff meeting to line out your priorities. Randy, the reason that our infrastructure is falling apart can be explained with two words — “entitlement spending.” Entitlement spending continues to increase, not so for infrastructure spending.

The reason you need to meet with Nora is the fact that she is advocating another huge increase in entitlement spending. It’s for folks who don’t like their country and want an all-expenses-paid vacation here in the good ol’ USA, paid for by us folks, of course. Nora, when you and Randy meet, he is going to want some money for roads and stuff, so here’s some ideas to help him out. As soon as possible, every 12 hours, load all people seeking a paid vacation here at our expense on military aircraft and fly them back to their country of origin.

If that doesn’t provide enough money for the legitimate need that Randy had identified, try this with him. Propose that we do not accept any new applicants into the country as long as we are above zero unemployment. If you need motivation at the staff meeting, call me and I’ll pick up some golf clubs at a yard sale, join you at the meeting and we can pretend that I’m at a fundraiser. We can yuck it up and you can tell me what a great job I’m doing. Good luck.

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