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Jerry Budrick
06/05/2014 2:19 PM

Laurayne Phalen

Sutter Creek

The Amador Arts Swine Soiree is a shame, and not at all in operating with what I had come to know and appreciate about the organization previous to this. I’ve no doubt that Amador Arts is run by well-intentioned and well-meaning individuals, but I suspect this Swine Soiree was not thoroughly given due consideration. The killing of a pig to raise money for its organization is far out of touch with ethical fundraising, especially as we have become a more conscientious society. To avoid any confusion, what has prompted my writing has nothing to do with eating pork, or not eating pork. Neither has my commentary anything to do with eating any type of meat, or not eating meat. This is about taking the life of an animal to raise funds, period.

Contemplating the impending slaughter of the animal, the planned frivolity and money changing hands over its death, I feel a turn in my stomach. I am sincerely frustrated and disappointed in Amador Arts for likely not thinking this fundraising idea through.

The Swine Soiree is about a barbequed pig “with all the fixin’s.” I realize this is Amador County, and almost every event being held offers meat, but I am writing to an overlooked and important differentiation here. This is not a miscellaneous event, where pork will be served, but rather the barbequed pig “is” the event. Repeating, the dead pig “is” the event; it is the reason for the gathering. This is a Swine Soiree. The dead pig is the main star — in exchange for funds.

I stand strong in my belief that we are an ever-evolving society, working to become ever more conscious of our choices and actions, and that mistakes made can be lessons in becoming better human beings all around. I am asking Amador Arts to please reconsider their Swine Soiree and re-choose an event that speaks to ethical fundraising. I can’t believe a Swine Soiree is really how Amador Arts wants to raise funds.

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