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Telling tales out of school

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Tessa Marguerite
06/27/2014 8:48 AM

Six years ago, Kraig and Lou Clark sought to create a place for the community to gather and grow together in a relaxing and welcoming environment. Their goal has been accomplished through Ione’s favorite gathering place, Clark’s Corner. Not only does Clark’s Corner offer creative menu items and a varied selection of beverages, but it also hosts many community-focused events.

Every Tuesday morning at 9 a.m., Clark’s Corner welcomes children, along with their parents, grandparents and/or daycare teachers to Story Time. “Lou Clark designed this gathering with the purpose of increasing literary awareness,” said volunteer reader Kathy Fellure. Fellure, a mother and published author of four children’s books, is one of the main readers for this charming event. She has seen as many as 15 little ones come to listen, or sometimes even read books that they brought themselves. As she pulled out a few books from her tote bag, Fellure said, “‘Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed’ is one of their favorite books.” Volunteer readers, sometimes even the baristas working at the café, offer their time and skilled reading voices to be a part of this inspiring hour. This intimate setting is a wonderful opportunity for parents and grandparents to convey the importance of literature to their children. At Christmastime, kids are invited to come with their parents to Story Time in their pajamas and enjoy Clark’s hot cocoa while listening to an original, heart-warming Christmas story.

If you are reading this and wondering, “Is there a Story Time for grown-ups?” then you will be pleased to learn about the Amador Fiction Writers. Co-founded by Fellure and her daughter, Jennifer, this writers’ critique group has been active since December of 2007. Members cover an array of genres including magical realism, historical fiction, short stories and children’s stories. They meet bi-weekly at Clark’s to discuss ideas and critique manuscripts or screenplays. In regards to Story Time, mark your calendars because on Oct. 4, at 5 p.m., Clark’s Corner will host its annual Literary Read. This event is composed of readings from published books or manuscripts by Amador County authors and guest authors. Art and live music will also be featured during the evening. Musical artists Rachel Wagner and Jake Guidi have appeared at previous Literary Readings. If you would like to be involved in the Amador Fiction Writers, or would like to learn more, visit amadorficitonwriters.com. For additional information about the events at Clark’s Corner, go to clarkscornerione.com.

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