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Daniel D'Agostini
06/26/2014 1:22 PM

Daniel D’Agostini

Shenandoah Valley

Thank you to the 1,037 people of District 5 who voted for me and believed I could provide fresh creative leadership to our county. I discovered so many wonderful, talented people here in our county and am encouraged by your support, as well as the hundreds of you outside District 5 who were cheering me on, telling me you would have voted for me if you only could. Unfortunately, 1,170 in District 5 felt Mr. Oneto could do the best job and he has been re-elected to a third term. It is disappointing to me that over two thousand people in District 5 didn’t bother to vote and that is a sad commentary on our times.

I am proud to say I spent all my campaign contributions right here in our county, keeping the money local. I will continue to develop my organic/Biodynamic farm, Abbondanza, advocate for more small local farms and business, and promote fresh local food for our schools, as well as help the the schools wherever possible.

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