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The Mermaid Muse helps others find art and solace through their inner guide

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Carolyn Schmitz
06/12/2014 2:36 PM

By B. Huston-Fisher

Artist Wendy Ward, The Mermaid Muse, invites you to connect with your inner muse through the use of art journaling in a six-week series, beginning June 26 through July 31, from 3 to 6 p.m., at Yoga Moment, in Buckhorn.

Although an art major in college, Ward felt she couldn’t make a living at it, and redirected her emphasis to business as an applications programmer, financial consultant and in marketing. Although her weekdays were filled with business, she was constantly drawn to art in her free time, and stated, “I have always had the soul of an artist, and continued doing something artistic.”

Creative art therapy can be a wonderful tool to deepen awareness and help to find the true self.  Ward was inspired after attending the Color of Woman Intentional Creativity method with Visionary Artist, Shiloh Sophia McCloud. This six-month intensive training offered a change of perspective from the exterior beauty to the interior. She found looking inward for inspiration was something that she was attracted to, and that it helped her to connect more truly within herself. Her creativity was “coming from that inner spring and offered an opportunity to ask inner questions,” which Ward now shares with her classes. 

Using each moment as a way to explore your self can be very therapeutic. By facilitating, Ward provides multiple sessions per class to encourage expansion and dedication while furnishing support, which allows the muse to grow and flourish. The six-week series provides each student with an introduction to journaling, and the art of releasing inner wisdom through personal, artistic expression and word divulgence. With guided instruction, each student will design, decorate and fill his or her personalized journal with thoughts, inspirational words, pictures or whatever strikes their fancy — maybe even a little glitter. “It is about finding the vehicle, doing it on a regular basis and keeping that going until you find what calls to you and holds on to you,” Ward stated. 

She also offers a weekend course that is more in-depth and works around a specific theme, such as a core desire for a sense of freedom. She teaches how to utilize a 13-step process of painting on canvas, active visualization and writing, as you evoke your inner muse, guide or helper. As you progress, you continue to connect, and then, layer by layer, watch the transformation unfold into the full, painted expression that you can take home. 

Students are encouraged at the end of every class to share any awareness or inspirations that may have bubbled up during the course, if they so choose. Ward noted, “My desire now is to guide others in creative activities that are healing, informative and life-affirming, and spark a sense of wonder amidst our busy and distracted lives.”

The six-week series costs $150, plus a $50 materials fee. The journal cost is extra, or you can bring your own. Class size is limited, so reserve your spot now by mailing a check payable to Wendy Ward, to P.O. Box 536, Pioneer, CA 95666. 

For more information, or to see some of Ward’s artwork, visit You can follow Ward at, and Mermaid Muse Ward can be reached directly, at 295-3247, with any questions. To sign up for the newsletter, email

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