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Jerry Budrick
06/05/2014 2:16 PM

Jason Mulford


Thank you for publishing the wonderful May 16 article about Victory Village’s mission and my family. Beverly Huston-Fisher did an outstanding job conveying the heart of our mission and passion to serve our veterans’ community. However, for an unknown reason, the original article was slightly modified after her submission. This may have affected the positive stance of her writing. I am referring to the use of “ACVO” in conjecture with Victory Village, Inc.; the ACVO acronym represents the Amador County Veterans Office, which is Terry Sanders. Victory Village completed a legal corporate name change in 2013 to help clarify the distinction between our previous name and the County Veteran Service Officer, also known as the CVSO or ACVO.

Terry Sanders and Victory Village have enjoyed a cohesive working relationship since the name change. Our services complement each other and greatly benefit the veterans of Amador County. Terry Sanders’ job performance has been above and beyond, as he filed nearly 300 veteran’s claims in 2013. I would just like to clarify to the public that Terry Sanders, the County Veteran Service Officer, represents “ACVO,” and our nonprofit organization is Victory Village, Inc.

Thank you again for the kind and informative article in the Ledger Dispatch.

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