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Carolyn Schmitz
02/28/2014 9:24 PM

Witches describe the cycles of the seasons as the Wheel of the Year. There are eight major celebrations, called Sabbaths, which are based on solar events, such as solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days. As we celebrate these seasonal changes, we mark the Turning of the Wheel.

This series of casses will begin with an introduction to the Wheel of the Year. Successive classes (one held about every six weeks, for 12 months) will focus specifically on each seasonal celebration, its traditional roots and contemporary practices, and will include a “witch crafts” portion where participants will be guided in creating a seasonal tool, altar decoration or spell.

These classes are appropriate for both experienced practitioners and those who are new to Witchcraft/Wicca. No magical or artistic experience is necessary.

Specific class registration information is available on the Sierra Creations/Corn Doll Goddess Facebook page. More information can also be obtained by phoning, at 419-1258, or by dropping by the Moon N Star Tarot Shop, located at 35 Main Street, in Jackson.

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