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Where does the buck stop?

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Lynn Morgan
07/10/2014 2:54 PM
Now that the Grand Jury report has been finalized, I must comment on both Supervisor Novelli’s guest commentary of June 6 and Ms. Lori Jagoda’s letter to the editor of June 27 regarding the Health and Human Services building lease.

The results of the Grand Jury report show an astounding lack of openness and appropriate government transparency in the facts related to this HHS lease. The following facts should cause Amador County citizens some concern.

The original lease for the building signed in 2006 included rent at a rate well above standard rates at the time. Why was this approved?

The lease was amended in 2008 (when...

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Mark Markham
07/13/2014 11:05 AM
Unfortunately you need to understand the process. The BoS response to the report will be to invoke confidentiality under GC1098 and promise to write a procurement procedure (some day). Case closed. The buck stops with the voters!
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