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Mark Bennett
06/20/2014 11:53 AM

Whoever wrote the unsigned press release entitled, “Time runs out on Newman Ridge appeal,” in the June 13 Ledger Dispatch has a way with words that far exceeds their ingenuous way with the truth. Their presentation of this as a David and Goliath struggle is correct except that they have the sides confused. It is they, the project opponents (who I consider the pro-poverty lobby) that are the Goliaths. They are part of a slick and well-funded anti-growth environmental extremist movement.

The un- and under-employed of Amador County are the true Davids. Their portrayal of the trial scene as salt of the earth types versus rows of lawyers was their self-fulfilling theatre. Those of us in Amador County, equally salt of the earth types, who support the project, decided not to burden the court with an unneeded mob scene. Also, the county would have better roads without travel-cooled hot mix and save money by not having to transport hot mix from distant locations.

While correctable imperfections were found in the EIR, almost enviable in such a lengthy document, their statements about poisoning the Ione Valley were found to be blatantly false. They still call a quarry a strip mine. They still call a hundred and fifty year old mining district pristine. All these outrageous statements still probably exist in cyberspace and in the minds of the uninformed.

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